Picture is like thousand words, moving picture is like endless words different every time you see them.
Films are the message.

Mózg Generała - General Brain

Music: Jacek Kwasniewski i Antonio Vivaldi
Text: Jacek
Voice: Magda
Guitars: Gerard Niemczyk,
Others: Jacek

Year 1997 Our so-called Era. Real date is -13th Yumi Era.

More informations: Jacek

Miasto Mądrych Ludzi - City of Wise People

"Everywhere where people organize themselves and act rapidly to local initiatives we appear. We - Wise People from the City - to talk about their passion and show it to the others." So say the authors of a MML - City of the Wise Men.
"At the beginning of the silhouette of Anna Werner, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts. In her activities, the artist tries to promote pro-environmental attitudes. In the film we see her work - beautiful objects with a unique design, made from recycled properly processed. Artist brings their skills and at the same time encourages recycling and even upcycling. "
MML = Miasto Mądrych Ludzi