Light gives character to every place. Lamps are the finish touch of everything, the easiest way to make changes.
Lamsp are like cherries on the top of cupcakes. Light makes mood.

Collection of projects for purifying the body sanctuaries and important life spaces.

Most important is that the design of the interior meets its basic functions, it is safe for the person staying in, keeps the ergonomic rules and maximize the space. To make whole interior design enchanted to a loss of breath. Interior needs to tempt you to stay in it, to welcome you with open arms. Must be also easy to maintain, to clean it.

Projects include dimensions, materials and light sources. Whole designing process is formed as a result of discussions with the client, to satisfy taste and pocket. Visuals makes easy to imagine a new room, facilitate decisions.

Cooperation with the designer gives a new look at the same space, more ideas, a different vision.

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First, send me the sketch of the dimentions. Do not worry about proportions, it will be fixed later, on the project.
Then, describe your vision in email, and wait for the project!
We also can talk on the phone, or skype, but I am warning You, american version of english is my third language, so I prefer email contact.